Sandy Update – 2012

Hurricane Sandy sat off the coast of Corolla and whirled for a couple days, but lucky for us, no significant damage resulted.  Thanks to preparation on flood control (pumping of ponds), high water was not a problem. In fact, very little damage was officially noted and no flooding to any home was reported. The community walkway and all 12 private walkways suffered some damage. The private walkway was repaired and certified safe for use before any renters arrived the Saturday after Sandy passed. Several instances of water blown in to window sills and around sliding glass doors were reported.

For an amateur look at the storm the day after, and a window into the damage to the private walkways, see the you tube video at the link below:

Buck Island beach the day after Sandy

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Vacation Homes for Rent

Many of the Buck Island homeowners make their properties available for rent.  Click above for a map of the community and links to rental homes.