Buck Island has many properties available for rent. Each owner offers their property through a rental agency or privately. The map below of the community has designations of the Lot/House numbers with a chart below where you can link to information about the property and rental opportunities.

The following You Tube video was produced by Twiddy and is an excellent overview of our community

Buck Island Video


                                                                 Charleston Place Map

 # Property Name # Bedrooms Link to Pictures Link to Rental

The Charleston

3   Brindley Beach


3   Sun Realty


 4   Village Realty

Shades of Sand

4   Resort Realty

Palm Vela

 4   Village Realty
D18 Island Perks 8   Sun Realty

Shack at the Beach

Love R’ Shack






Village Realty - A side

Village Realty - B side

Village Realty - both

D24 Sweet Home Carolina 7   OBX Blue
19 One More Day 4   Twiddy
21 Calahoye 5   Resort Realty
23 Sea’z A Dream 6  Sea’z a Dream Leslie’s Rentals
25 Sweet Carolina  5  Sweet Caroline
 Leslie’s Rentals


Nana’s Beach House 5   Corolla Classic
BI-33 The Green Dolphin 8   Leslie’s Vacation Rentals
36 Tangerine Dream 5   Brindley Beach
37 The Aegean C 7   Brindley Beach
38 Beach Blessings 6   Outer Banks Blue
42 My Blue Heaven 5   Twiddy
45  Shiloh  5   Carolina Deigns
47  Blue Sky Breeze  5    Twiddy
48 Splashdown 5   Carolina Classic

Pop’s Place

 5   Village Realty
55 Trading Winds 6   Brindley Beach
58 Mermaids’ Retreat 5   Village Realty
59 7th Heaven 7   Resort Realty
62 Shangri-La 5    
67 Malama Sunrise 7   Twiddy
72 The Yorkshire 7   Twiddy
73 Regal Retreat 7   Twiddy
74 ClearView   8   Twiddy
76 Panacea 6   Corolla Classic
77 Sunrise 6   Leslie’s Rentals
80 Miss Carolyn’s Lighthouse 9   Twiddy
81 Whitecaps Corolla  8   Twiddy
82 Avra 7   Corolla Classic Vacations
83 Buck Island 83 7   Village Realty
84 Ocean Pearl 7   Village Realty
 85  Life’s A Beach  6    Brindley Beach
89 Ten Broeck Dunes 7   Leslie’s Vacation
90 Bases Loaded 5   Resort Realty
  Tropical Dreams A 4   Brindley Beach
  Tropical Dreams B 4   Brindley Beach
  Dreamtime 5   Carolina Classic Vacations
  Carolina Hose  6  
Carolina Classic Vacations
  Eagle’s Landing 4   Brindley Beach
  Island Girl 5   Brindley Beach
  The Happy Pelican 5   Twiddy
  The Green Dolphin 8   Carolina Classic Vacations
  Ocean Breeze II 6   Twiddy
  Skipper’s Sail Away  5   Corolla Classic Vacations
  Beach Ball  10   Twiddy
  Milky Way   Twiddy
  Beach Break   Twiddy
  My Carolina Heaven  5   Twiddy
  Green Grass & High Tides  8   Brindley Beach
  Purple Turtle  5   Brindley Beach
  Southern Comfort   Twiddy
  Southern Latitude  

Corolla Classic Vacations

  Caroline’s Cove  4  

Leslie’s Vacations

  Taprooms Landing  5  

Paramount Destinations

  Twice the Fun I  


  Twice the Fun II  4  


CP02 Buck Island 784 4  







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Vacation Homes for Rent

Many of the Buck Island homeowners make their properties available for rent.  Click above for a map of the community and links to rental homes.