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May 1, 2016

Kitchen Cabinet problem:

Many of us have homes build by BD&A about 20 years ago (mid to late 1990′s).  I want to share a situation we ran into to recently.

A couple years ago, we came to our home on Apollo and one of the kitchen cabinets had fallen off the wall.  Needless to say, the broken glass mess was not the sight we wanted to see after a 13 hour drive.  We didn’t think much more about it, fixing the cabinet and moving on.  We later remodeled the kitchen and all cabinets were replaced anyway.

This year (2016), we were doing regular cleaning and decorating in our Broad Street duplex, and we noticed that the upper cabinets in the kitchen were separating and at risk of collapse.  We checked the other side of the duplex and found that the same separation was occurring , although not as severe.  We removed the cabinets on the rental side, reinforced them and rehung them.  On the non-rental side, where the cabinets were much more compromised, we took them down and will replace them.  In fact we will replace both sides in the Fall.

The problem is the top board is not secured to the sides adequately, and with years of use and weight, the sides begin to separate from the back and eventually can fall, with all the shelves and contents.  Below are pictures that show the issue and I have included a picture of the front of the cabinet so you may determine if you have the same model.

cabinet 2


 cabinet 1



















   The second picture shows 2 cabinets that have been removed.  These were next to each other coming out from the wall.  You can see the top is separated by about an inch on the first cabinet and a little less on the next one.  As it went further down the line, it was less severe but it did include the over-range cabinet with the microwave attached.  Had that fallen, I may have cried.

I don’t want to create a panic nor am I condemning BD&A.  Products fail over 20 years.  But I do want to advise the community so if anyone has these cabinets and are of a common era, you should get a step ladder and look at the tops for the same issue.  You can also see it from inside the cabinet by looking up but it’s easier to spot from the top.  The last thing any of us want is a renter dropping a stack of 10 plates onto a cabinet shelf and having the whole thing fall.  What a disaster that would be!

Best of luck all, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions

Rick Amari